Hills Department Store

Hills Department Stores always smelled like mustard and overcooked hot dogs. The snack bar at the front of each location was instant customer repellent, a concession stand teeming with health code violations. But as a kid, that store was like drugs. So many toys, so many toys. Pictured above: Al Leko and Jim McCollough, managers from Hills Department Store (#44) in Benwood, West Virginia.

(Photograph: Bud Blatchford)

  • Prestige Elite

    Man I loved the Hill’s hot dogs.  My mom always shopped at Hill’s over all the other discount stores(Murphy Mart,K-Mart, Ames, and Wal-Mart).  I loved Hill’s as they has the best toy selection of any store around.  I loved to go to Hill’s as I always got a Hill’s Hot Dog and a slushy. Sometimes we would buy one of Hill’s large bags of popcorn that was freshly popped.  Anyway, when my grandmother was dying of bone cancer and had no appetite, the only thing she wanted was a hot dog from Hill’s and we got her one everyday until she went into a coma.

  • Mullerstores
  • Mullerstores

    hills department stores us under owner ship of muller stores and up and running again like circuit city is wonderful things back to america 

  • Jeremyryansmallwood

    As a kid, we did back to school lay-a-ways there.  I spent many hours in the electronics playing video games and in the toys just browsing.  Loved Hills (and their snack bar).

  • Rrg2329

    K-Mart and a few others started lay away again coming into this past Christmas

  • itsjustme

    The popcorn was the best….the smell wiffed through the entire front of the store. I miss this place 🙂

  • Robert

    The manager at Store 54 was horrible. Deborah Adams lived to smooch Stephen Goldberg’s sorry ass. My coworkers were great, though!

  • BratSimpson

    Love love loved the Hills snack bar. Nothing like their roller dogs with cheese or sauerkraut. I don’t know anything about their health department violations. The store I worked at was strictly enforced and monitored.

  • Steven McFly

    York PA had 2 of them. it WAS like DRUGS! Place was great … from toys to the Icee’s & the snack bar! from the chips/hot dogs/sodas during spring & summer events for under $1 to the collectible drink bottles & electronics section! HiLLS-4EVER!