Meat is Murder

I unearthed so many 90s artifacts this weekend while cleaning. This sticker-covered comics box is just one example. When I played in a hardcore band in the 90s, I remember sitting in the trunk of my friend’s VW Golf reading Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation while we raced across the Turnpike en route to shows each weekend. Naively, I thought our band could act as an agent of change in a cruel world. Not only from an animal rights perspective, but from a humanist perspective too. I think everyone in the hardcore scene had that same wish in one way or another. But like so many good movements, there were a fair share of assholes and bad ideas too. Like hardliners and the neocon ideals of bands who felt obligated to preach to audiences instead of nurture them. If anything, those experiences helped to refine my bullshit meter, which has remained an asset.