Norman Rockwell, Reinterpreted

A remix of Norman Rockwell’s famed triple self-portrait, which in this white supremacist-inspired iteration portrays the artist as a Klansman with a penchant for the Dixie flag, Hitler, and the unabashed patriotism of Steve Rogers. It’s unclear, however, whether the illustration, rendered by Mr. Fish, is a comment on Rockwell himself or the lily-white American idealism captured in the artist’s Saturday Evening Post canon. (Though I suppose the two are essentially one and the same.) Regardless, Andrew Hamilton, in his analysis of the original image, draws a convenient parallel:

[Rockwell] portrayed American whites—and reflected their idealized image of themselves in their twilight decades—as few other artists have before or since. His work, a brute force of nature, presses itself upon the viewer, demanding a response positive or negative. It is too intrusive, emotionally and visually, to be easily ignored.

(Illustration:Through a Looking Glass Darkly” by Mr. Fish; via theamericanbear)