The Steve-O Files: Celebrity narcissism is seducing America

Steve-O (Photo: Terry Richardson)

Steve-O (Photo: Terry Richardson)

After a suicidal freefall that landed him in the Cedars-Sinai psych ward last year (following an eight-person intervention that included Johnny Knoxville), post-millennial stuntman Steve-O is attempting to put his life back together. I only learned of Steve-O’s addiction-fueled meltdown after flipping through the current issue of Spin magazine and stumbling across this article — “The Last Temptation of Steve-O” — by David Peisner (I just don’t keep up with Jackass like I used to I suppose). Anyhow, as a fan of human redemption stories, Peisner’s article pulled me in. Here’s a quick and dirty recap on where Steve-O is today, with some fairly insightful commentary from TV’s Dr. Drew:

Two months from now, MTV will air a one-hour special, Steve-O: Demise and Rise, chronicling his drug-fueled breakdown and celebrating his grand achievement of not dying. The footage is car-wreck compelling, but the story, familiar though it may seem at first blush, is incomplete. Glover isn’t just a guy who did an obscene amount of drugs, became a flaming asshole, and then lurched back from the brink to try to regain his career.

“Steve was doing an amplified version of what young people are doing throughout this country, using the Internet, using available media to try to create fame,” says Dr. Drew Pinsky, the addiction specialist who hosts VH1’s Celebrity Rehab and its spin-off, Sober House, and is the co-author of The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America. “That’s a new phenomenon.” (via

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  • Killz_kiki

    Why Steve-O just why??? Your story is so sad and gives me hope to sober up…

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