Railyard Dispatches: BuZ Blurr’s Diversion From Boredom

BuZ Blurr and the "Colossus of Roads." (Photo: Bill Daniel)

“I’m a retired railroad man who indulged in the folk art tradition of making chalk drawings on the railcars as an announcement of presence, and diversion from boredom. Although against the rules of the railroad, it was a common enough practice by the employees and hobos, by ignoring enforcement it was de facto tacit approval, for I dispatched drawings for 32 years of my 41 years of employment without interference. The initial purpose of this blog is to record the language used in my frequent boxcar icon dispatches.” -Buz Blurr

[Photograph via Bill Daniel]

  • Michele From Ohio

    BuZ, I have seen your drawings! All of the men on my Mother’s side worked for the Erie Lackawana RR back in the 1950’s-60’s so I’m a bit of a train spotter. I always look for hobo drawings on trains. They are harder to see now that the kids have started tagging them with spray paint, but I like those too, so it’s all good.