Damon Thompson’s Neo-Grunge Hate Speak Revival

How’s the saying go? “Never trust a seething southern evangelist with dreadlocks and dreams of arena-sized revival tours.” Maybe that’s not right, but it’s close.

Whatever the case, hate preacher Damon Thompson recently got all frothed up over the gays during his stage show at The Ramp, “a place of awakening in Hamilton, Alabama, where hundreds gather each month from across the nation and world to pursue the real Jesus. We’re loud. We’re aggressive. We hope to jolt the complacent out of stupor and into the reality of God.”

To witness how the complacent are jolted out of a stupor, watch video of Thompson’s anti-gay, anti-common sense tirade included below. (Hint: It involves a variety of “Woo!” moments from Thompson, followed by a series of nervous tics that channel the spirit of wrestling legend Ric Flair more than that of Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit.) Keep your ears perked for this line of loving, Christian acceptance: “You may think you were born gay, but you cannot be born again gay!”

PS: Richard Metzger over at Dangerous Minds makes a valid point: “If Heaven is full of shitheads like Damon Thompson, who’d want to be stuck there for all of eternity?

  • Toddpearsonsf

    what a hatefilled, uneducated white trash bigot.  The fat loudmouth is a perfect example of how stupid people need a leader too…

  • Aldo Thee Apache

    Uh, uh huh huh huh huh, he said ‘give it to Jesus’…