A Vulgar Display Of Fandom, Black-Light Forensics

Vulgar display of fandom. (Photo: The Company Men)

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When playboys ruled: “In the 1960s, an exotic species roamed the earth: jet-set playboys. Today their pricey chivalry is gone, replaced by tweet-happy politicians…” [Kempt via Arts & Letters Daily]

Culinary wisdom from Bunk Moreland: “Pigeon meat IS the delicacy the French love.” [Twitter]

Drive-by shooter: Andrew Bush’s portraits of people in automobiles. [Colt + Rane]

In what may come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever stayed in a hotel, rapey ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s hotel room was a semen-stained nightmare. Gawker crunches the numbers from DSK’s legal filing: “So, let’s take stock of what was found: There were four stains on the carpet. Three contained the semen of three different men — one per stain — while a fourth stain contained the semen of three different men, as if blended into some kind of protein-boosted semen smoothie. The mind reels at the logistics of even achieving such a stain. (Hint: amylase is an enzyme present in saliva.)” [Gawker]

Public-transit nostalgia or vintage death traps?: “This weekend vintage MTA buses were dusted off and touted around Rockaway Park as part of one of MTA’s summer events…the MTA’s website said that the tour was ‘generally not appropriate for young children or babies in strollers.'” [Animal New York]

The chicken truck showdown: “Mike dodges a sea of bullets in a clash with the cartel…how did he survive barely scathed?” [AMC]

It’s happening, the news others dare not print: “Whites Run Scared as Viet War’s Black Vets Come Home.” [Babylon Falling]

This guy “fuckin loves” Pantera: A vulgar display of fandom. [The Company Men]

Kindergarten chaos: “This guy is bound for kindergarten tomorrow a.m. Gave him a proper sendoff with an end-of-summer taco night. PS: Introduced him to The Stooges’ Raw Power on a car ride this morning, to which he skeptically inquired: “Is this rock ‘n’ roll?” [Source]