There’s a ton of great material here. It’s not your typical fucked-up and photocopied ‘zine and should be seen as more. —Thrasher, February 2006

In the fall of 2004, I began editing essays and gathering artwork for what would later become Young & Reckless, an anthology of narrative nonfiction and progressive visual art. The book showcased the work of more than 25 emerging and established writers, photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers. Inspired by a fairly simple theme — i.e., the freedom of youth — the collection explored what it was like to come of age in late twentieth-century America. From tales of robbery, adolescent angst, and one-night stands, to high-speed car chases, fistfights, and drug-fueled benders, Young & Reckless captured a particular moment in history as told by those who lived it.

Handmade, individually numbered, and limited to a print run of 250 copies, Young & Reckless was the first release from Poison Control, the small press that I ran from 2004-2007. Assembled using a ¼” wooden back cover, 70lb paper stock interior, recycled card stock covers, and ¾” walnut wood binding, I edited, designed, and assembled Young & Reckless in the fall of 2004. The anthology was released in January 2005, and quickly went out of print.

Contributors: Lisa Alisa, ESM Artificial, SFAUSTINA, Anna Balkrishna, Casey Burns, Noah Butkus, Stephen Christian, Mike Cina, Matt Clark, Timothy “Chef” Close, Benjamin Deem, Faile, Amir H. Fallah, Jeff Garcia, Roger Gastman, Maya Hayuk, Drew Heffron, Brian Holderman, Kenichi Hoshine, James Jean, Bonnie Lesko, Kate Livingston, Douglas P. Mosurock, Matthew Newton, Michelle Newton, Peter Rentz, Todd Scalise, James Shuttleworth, Bonnie Sosinavage, Tyler Stout, Peter Sutherland, David J. Weissberg, and Florencio Zavala.

(Illustration: Tyler Stout for Young & Reckless)

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