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In this clip from the documentary Manufacturing Consent (1992), Noam Chomsky talks sports and the “indoctrination system” it encourages. It’s an argument that, back in 2005, the Free Republic found laughable, just another “example of the faux-intellectualism we see everyday from the left.”

Last night riots broke out in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. According to someone who knows, the (sporting) frustration that boiled over had been years in the making. As often happens in these situations, the upset people wanted to break windows and scream, while those of sound mind attempted to preach reason. In…

Though he was an accomplished all-star pitcher, Ellis had a reputation on and off the field as a shit-talker who thrived on the adversarial relationship between pitcher and batter. As a result, his reputation preceded him — often playing out in vivid drama each time he took the mound.