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  • High anxiety days as of late. Took a walk in Braddock this afternoon to catch some relief and found this discarded big screen on Washington Avenue near the Monongahela River. I remember when these were new. I worked as a stock clerk at Sears at the time, after dropping out of high school, and we used to uncrate these

  • “That’s sad, isn’t it?” a woman says, watching me peer through the window of an abandoned storefront on Braddock Avenue. The doors, wreathed in gold, are partially open with an old chain holding them together. The smell of dust and mildew is strong in the air, wafting from the crack in the door as if the building let out a…

  • From the photographic archives of The Sporting News comes this image of Pitt’s Clyde Vaughn standing side-by-side with comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who holds up an honorary Pittsburgh jersey, c. 1980–1984.